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    Your personal information is only used to contact you. We never share or sell your information.

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    Pest Control Bonds

    If you qualify for a Pest Control Bond, we are ready to assist in easily and quickly purchasing your bond.

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    Notary Supplies

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but we no longer offer notary supplies.

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    Miscellaneous Bond Information

    At BondYourself.com, we can secure all types of bonds for our customers.

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    To become a Notary, you must first complete an application with your local County Clerk’s office.

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Welcome to


BondYourself.com is an innovative on-line service that provides a secure and cost effective alternative to obtaining surety bonds.   You can conveniently purchase and receive your bond via the Internet anytime, anywhere.

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We have what you need!

  • Convenient ways to securely purchase your bonds
  • Statewide information from County Clerks offices!
  • Supplies ranging from seals to stamps and a whole lot more!
  • The latest news that will help to keep you current on items of interest in the surety bond world.
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Track App for Contractors Bid & Performance Bonds

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Why Choose bondyourself.com


You can conveniently order your Notary Bond and Notary Supplies via the Internet, anytime, anywhere.


Prompt Service

Notary Bonds are normally issued within 48 hours. Notary Supplies are normally shipped within 7-10 business days.


Offers Miscellaneous Types of Bonds

Whether you need an obscure bond, a simple public official bond, a Weighers bond, a Pest Bond, an ERISA bond, a small $1,000 Sign Hangers bond or a $20,000,000 contract bond, BondYourself.com can help.


Our Latest Update


Personal Sureties Issue

The Tennessee Notary Statute allows personal sureties or corporate sureties to bond notaries. So why do most Notaries use a corporate bonding company instead of … Continue reading


Stamp or Seal?

It seems that a few Notaries have the idea that they may use a rubber stamp as a seal, if it has all the information … Continue reading


Is Your Seal Legal?

In 1993, all notaries became Notaries Public at Large. Effective July 1, 2004, your stamp should look like the one we display above. According to … Continue reading

Personal Liability?

Visit our sister-site, BuyUmbrella.com if you need personal liability protection. The price is right and the coverage is needed.

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