At BondYourself.com we secure all types of bonds for our customers. We have been helping customers understand the bond process long before the Internet helped simplify the process of bond delivery and underwriting. In addition to knowledge, we represent some of the largest bonding companies in the United States. Whether you need an obscure bond, a simple public official bond, a Weighers bond, a Pest Bond, an ERISA bond, a small $1,000 Sign Hangers bond or a $20,000,000 contract bond, BondYourself.com can help.

In most cases, the simple information form that you can easily complete will give us enough information to identify the type of bond you need. Once we receive that information, we might request additional information but in almost all cases (except contract bonds) we will be able to indicate the cost of the bond you are requesting. We will promptly E-mail you the cost estimate and any additional information requested. Our goal is to respond within 48 hours.

The bond is simply a promise by an individual or company to another party. The person making the promise is called the Principal on the bond. The beneficiary of the promise is called the Obligee. The obligee may be an individual, a company, or a government division or agency. The party guaranteeing the principal will fulfill the promise to the obligee is called the Surety. Sureties are usually insurance companies. The principal pays the surety a fee or premium for guaranteeing the promise. Obviously the surety will want to know enough about the principal to feel comfortable that the promise to the obligee can be kept.

That’s the bond process in a nutshell. Our job at BondYourself.com is to help you secure the bond you need!

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