Personal Sureties Issue

The Tennessee Notary Statute allows personal sureties or corporate sureties to bond notaries. So why do most Notaries use a corporate bonding company instead of … Continue reading


Stamp or Seal?

It seems that a few Notaries have the idea that they may use a rubber stamp as a seal, if it has all the information … Continue reading


Is Your Seal Legal?

In 1993, all notaries became Notaries Public at Large. Effective July 1, 2004, your stamp should look like the one we display above. According to … Continue reading


Can An Employer Cancel Your Notary Commission?

We receive several phone calls a year about this issue. Usually, the phone calls originate from a Notary who has left the employment of a … Continue reading


Notaries Subject to NEW Requirements

Effective, April 24, 2003, Tennessee notaries are subject to a new requirement if they advertise. The law requires any notary who is not an attorney … Continue reading