Ordering bonds on the Internet is very new. We want you to feel comfortable as you place your order for bonds and bond supplies on BondYourself.com. We are paying GREAT ATTENTION to the security and legal issues on this site. Here is our guarantee to you and how we stand behind our secure ordering on the web:

No credit card risk. Period.

Regardless of what happens on our site a slip of the mouse (unlikely), a security breach (highly unlikely) there is no risk to you. In the case of credit card fraud, this means that we’ll pick up the first $50, and your credit card company will take responsibility for the rest. In addition, we’ll do our very best to work with the credit card company to assure that the problem is resolved with minimum hassle.

As long as the fraud involves BondYourself.com or our website, there are no conditions and no second-guessing. If you say something’s wrong, then it is and we’ll fix it.

That said, the past few years have proven that shopping from our secure web server is not only safe, but one of the safest ways you can shop for bonds on BondYourself.com. We have never had one confirmed case of credit card fraud.

We’ll never misuse information you provide.

When obtaining information from you, we adhere to a simple, commonsense principle: we ask for only the information we need to provide for the service you’ve requested.

You can be assured that your name and address never leave our site and records at BondYourself.com. If you purchase a product from us, we won’t pass your name to someone else or some other company in order for them to sell you additional products. We will only share your information to sureties and parties processing your payment.

We are in the bond business not the marketing business.